Ecological Restoration


Nurturing Nature, Growing Ecosystems


Growing with Purpose: We cultivate trees that are champions of the environment, providing crucial food and shelter for a web of interconnected life. In nature, every root, branch, leaf, and berry plays a vital role. That is why we grow 20 keystone native trees and shrubs species.


Supporting Local Ecosystems: We proudly work with the Maryland John S. Ayton State Tree Nursery, by collecting seeds for the fifty varieties and three million trees they annually grow. We nurse tree seedlings and grow them over several months into healthier saplings for fall!


Healthier Trees for a Better Tomorrow: Our commitment is to ensure that our trees grow stronger roots with enhanced drought tolerance and high resilience. We train our trees to be both healthy and beautiful. Join us in our journey to green Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic.


Connect with Trees for the Planet, and let's get trees planted where they matter most.


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Hazelnut (Corylus americana) 1 Year

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Hazelnut (Corylus americana), a Maryland native, is a versatile thicket-producing shrub adaptable to various sites. Growing up to 10 feet tall, it yields nuts enjoyed by a diverse range of wildlife species. Ideal for enhancing biodiversity and providing habitat in ecological restoration projects.

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