Ecosystem Education

In 2013, we became more involved in helping educate students of all ages about the benefits of native trees, plants, food webs, and gardening using sustainable heirloom plants.


In 2020, even during Covid!, we helped sell and distribute 1000s of native plants into the DC ecosystem, which helped support pollinator networks and local food webs. In 2021, we look to expand even further into heirloom garden plants which provide both healthy food but also self-sufficiency regarding seeds. Note: seeds of heirloom plants can be replanted year after year, while seeds of hybirds do not pass on the true genetics of the parent plants. 


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Native Planting


Our native plants were also planted at the schools where we did presentations. Children who attended the schools were given plants to learn more by helping growth. We are happy to continue collaborating with educators and new schools. Let us know if you are interested.